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Monday, January 08, 2007

Pit Bull in Disguise

When it's cold out -- relatively speaking, of course, but it does get down into the mid 30's -- Honey likes to have a sweater or jacket on when she goes out. How do I know? Because she will literally turn around and come back in until I put something on her. You have to remember, pits are very short haired (very little shedding problem, too - can we put that in the many plus columns of pits as good dogs to own?) and they have almost no fur on their bellies - at least Honey doesn't. (You can see this in the new picture I have for the profile. That's Honey and Heather, one of her many day care helper pals. You can also see Honey's spay/tummy tuck scar in the picture.)

I mentioned the sweater I would like to get her in a previous Christmas post but, it's a little pricey and I have recently made the discovery that Old Navy, a store with some very cute and cheap clothes for people, has cute and cheap clothes for dogs. Although I am too late to find her size in the elegant herringbone
or the spacesuit-like chevron style (my personal favorite),
I think she will happy in a rugby shirt or even the fisherman-knit sweater.

Another reason I like to put Honey in clothes? People are more open. If Honey and I are coming up to people on a walking path and Honey is kind of pulling toward them to say hi, I always say she's friendly as I guide her away. When she is walking around in just her normal fur suit, people will say things like "Are you sure?" or "Glad you told me, I was nervous." The best we can hope for is if they've had pits, they'll say something like "I know - they get a bad rap, don't they?" But, when she's in clothes, my experience has been that people won't move away at all. In fact, they will often say "That's fine - I have a couple (or one) of my own." At first I thought they meant pits and I thought it was unusual so many people had them but then I realized they meant they had DOGS. They were just referring to Honey as a regular old dog. It's great. Clothes make the dog, too.

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Anonymous jan said...

That's a good point. Who would be intimidated by a dog in a rugby shirt? I have a friend who always walks her Dobie with a pink feather boa around her neck and people's reactions are the same as you mentioned.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Marty said...

Old Navy does have cute things. They're always too big around Luca's tummy though and I have to alter them. Santa brought him a Fido Fleece coat...fits his lean, athletic build well. I highly recommend one for Honey. I could see her in this girly number. ;-)

12:36 PM  
Blogger jill bryant said...

Thank you for pointing this out! Fido Fleece are VERY cute and look so comfortable. I think I'm going to have to spring for one for Ms. Honey - her birthday is March. She'll be so cozy in it. And I love the girly one! Very cute AND it has a matching bed. I am very tempted to put her in it but...I have to admit, pink is not her color - makes her fur not as pretty (unless I am projecting here - pink is not my color and washes me out...could I be that far gone as an animal owner that I'm giving her my fashion problems?)

3:24 AM  

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