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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pit Bull Conversation

Honey and I went to Jamba Juice which means I go in and Honey sits outside where I can watch her through the plate glass window. She's really very good, patiently waiting in a sit or down stay for however long it takes. A young girl (16-ish?) asked me if Honey was mine.
-"Yes - that's Honey."
She said "She's really pretty and she's very good."
- "Thank you. She's a great dog."
"I like her coloring - I like it better than when the nose is black."
- "I think she's called a red-nosed pit."
"Oh, that figures I'd like that," the girl said and kind of pointed to her hair. "Of course, I like red things."
I realized then her hair was red. "Yes - that makes sense."

Then, I started to give some of my pit bull ambassador speech. Great dogs, etc.

The girl said to me
"When I was young, they used to say such bad things about pit bulls. But now everyone has one and then you find out that it never was the dogs - it's the owner."

I love that she talked about when she was young as if looking way far back. I love that she thinks everyone has a pit bull. I love that, in her world, the misunderstanding with pit bulls is over.

(Picture of red-nosed pit is from Missouri Pitbull Rescue that I just discoverd. Missouri has a horrible time with puppy mills, bad owners, animal cruelty and these people are doing a fantastic job. The information on their site about pits is some of the best I've read.)



Blogger Carina said...

Yes, Missouri is horrid for that. :( And good for that young woman (you also!)
I have a Rottweiler information spiel too.

1:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jill, this blog brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for making me believe that there may be hope in my lifetime for the American Pit Bull Terrier and related bull breeds, that "everyone will have one" and understand that it is the owner, not the breed. MPR is a wonderful organization, as is its sister, PBRC, and so many others around the country. There are many of us fighting in various ways for our wonderful breed of choice - thank you for your blog and your wonderful ambassador, Honey.

12:33 PM  
Blogger jill bryant said...

Who IS "everyone" to a young girl - do you think it's some of the actors and actresses that have adopted pits? If we could get them to speak up, I think that would help. I have already thought about writing Jon Stewart, Rachael Ray and Ira Glass (This American Life). I think getting them to talk about what great pups they are could really help(and I'm not surprised to hear you have your rap, too, Carina, knowing how misunderstood Rottweilers are. I worked in a rescue for as long as I could - almost all abandoned pits and rotties and EVERY single one of them would have made a great pet in the right home.)

I wanted to highlight MPR because I was unfamiliar with their work but you're right, Kate - there are some other really notable great rescues like PBRC

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jill, California has some very worthwhile groups championing APBTs. Among them are Chako Rescue (Dawn Capp is a lawyer who tirelessly works for the breed, and her book is invaluable :, BADRAP (one of the best and hardest working groups: ), and Villalobos Rescue (Tia's rescue is in SoCal, UNBELIEVABLE programs for dogs and humans alike: And Carina, I sympathize since Rotts and Dobermans are also in the "dangerous" dog BSL and media frenzy. We build strength when we can join forces, like It's a ROTTnPITy Rescue (

personal note: Jill, please edit the above as you like. If you'd like more contacts or info, please let me know: I'd also like to invite you to join a pit bull forum: Everything from rescuers, to people who show and compete, to folks just love their couch potatoes. Discuss the latest nail polish or compare collars with us :-).
- Kate

7:47 AM  

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