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Monday, October 16, 2006

Kaneda - a very good dog

I received a eulogy today for my friends' dog, Kaneda. I thought I would post it here in honor of Kaneda. I met him quite a while ago - pre-Honey - and thought he was a wonderful pup and that this was a very fitting tribute.


Dear Friends:

Our faithful friend Kaneda “K-dog”, age 10, died this morning at about 8am.

Born on a ranch, he was a mixed breed Anatolian Shepard and Black Lab. Beloved by many as a 115-pound lap dog, Kaneda excelled at lying down, begging/swiping food, short walks, escaping for excellent adventures, charming the dog catcher or neighbors when out and ferociously protecting his pack from squirrels and Grant Road traffic. Known for a deep baritone bark that would startle mailmen and wake babies without fail, he will be remembered for his soulful brown eyes and a calm demeanor befitting a buddhist.

Kaneda, named for a Japanese superhero (but often confused for our northern neighbor), was J.’s companion almost before D., and their friendship marks J.’s tenure in California. Smarter than the average dog and able to break out of any confine, Kaneda was a great friend to J., and when home was always at his owner’s side or underfoot.

Kaneda began his career at 3dfx, sleeping during meetings and joining the engineers on their sunshine/smoking breaks. After 3dfx, he decided to be a stay-at-home dog, a well timed move to support the growing pack that is the T. family. He faithfully stood by as babies were born, redefining his role from first fur-child to protector of the boys. He was a wonderful and loving dog with all, but especially tolerant of children, often being used as a pony, stepstool or a furry couch and was always a great petting attraction at the park. Knowing his limitations he couldn’t be bothered with fetch, but was always good for “sit” -- but only for a treat or a bellyrub.

He will be missed by his loving friends Max, Ruby, Champ, Dart, Henry, Nala, Oscar, Amber, Parker and Nellie.

Kaneda is survived by his parents J. and D., his kanine brother Akira, and human brothers G., M. and A.

In lieu of flowers, please send any funny or kind remembrances of Kaneda to J. — We know he touched many of your lives and J. would really appreciate the thoughts at this time.


He was a lucky pup. The T. Family were lucky pet owners. We'd all be lucky if that's how our lives were - the better for being intertwined.


Anonymous catbird said...

If my eulogy is only half that warm, loving, honoring and personal, I'll feel as though my life on Earth was truly worth something.
Please tell Kaneda's owners that though Kaneda is a very good dog, they are very obviously, very good owners.
Thanks for the post.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Carina said...

A lucky dog indeed.

2:25 AM  

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