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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Action-Packed Pit Bull

I was going through old emails and I found a lot of pictures of Honey sent to me by her Burbank doggy day care Bow Wow Bungalow (which I have written about before since I am a huge fan). The photos reminded me what a great life this slightly spoiled dog has (although I just saw a little bit of Pet Pads on HGTV and I'm happy to say I am a mere amateur in the Spoil-Your-Dog category of Ways People Can Overdo Almost Anything).

What became obvious is Bow Wow Bungalow is giving Honey a good background in Greco-Roman Wrestling, an Olympic event:

Honey started as a mere observer keeping a close watch on the technique of others.

Her first actual match entries were in the 0 - 15 pound dog category.

Initially, she was called out by a puppy.

I have to say Honey didn't seem quite ready for the blurred-action, ears-flying intensity of the bout. The small audience seemed distant -- maybe even a little embarrassed.

Her subsequent matches in the little dog category seemed to go a little better...

(Here, I think she's coming into her own with the use of intimidating facial expressions for a more theatrical match. Is there more TV in Honey's future?)

I was happy to see Honey then put in some time with Prinn, the on-staff pro. Prinn seems to have a good teaching method - talking the class through it even while demonstrating some one-on-one moves.

At this point, Honey seems to have gained a tremendous amount of confidence. But there's a problem. Although she's ready for the larger dog weight class, she still seems a little unclear on how to initiate a match...

While she's working on this minor problem, I'm afraid I can see how the whole "stage mother" thing can happen. I've already started looking for a suitable photo of her for when she takes her place with other wrestling greats like Karelin and Westergren:

What do you think of this one?



Anonymous Jan said...

Hilarious series of pictures--I did get caught up in the moment. I'm sure the Romans and the Grecos would be envious of this demonstration.

10:00 PM  

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