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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Celebrities with Pit Bulls

The LA Times had an article on pit bulls today. It said trainers, animal shelter staffers and rescuers are seeing a trend: increasing adoptions by families, professionals and others. It also said "Many who own or rescue pit bulls want to rehabilitiate the image of a breed they believe has been unfairly maligned." One rescuer said the pit bull is "an exceptional family pet...People who tend to believe they're scary have been educated by the media."

Mainly it was a positive article. That is amazing in itself. Maybe, this breed that gets so mistreated, that is a huge percentage of the population of kill dog shelters will catch a break.

They also talked about some celebrities who have pits. Normally, I would ignore the celeb references but in this case it might help find more pups good (if slightly star-struck homes) so:

*Rachael Ray had a pit bull named Boo that died in 2005. She now has a pit named Isaboo.
*Jessica Biel has a pit named East.

*Jamie Foxx has two pit bulls.
*Jon Stewart has two pit bulls and a cat.
*Jessica Alba has a pit bull puppy.

*Ira Glass has a pit bull.
*Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have a brindle pit named Penny Lane
*Veronica Mars has a pit bull named Backup. (Okay, she's not a real person but the show is named after her.)

I'm not sure what kind of effect any of this has on people but I did learn one thing: There are a lot of sites of pictures of celebrities and not enough of their dogs.



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