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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dog Car

I have a four-door car. The back is basically Honey's. There's a thick blanket covering the seat, a travel water dish, a bottle of water and a couple of bones in the back. I also have some treats in the glove compartment along with extra Mutt Mitts. I don't have a dog seatbelt for her (other, better dog owners at the dog daycare have ones for their dogs) but I'm thinking about it.

When she jumps up into the backseat, she positions herself near one of the windows. As we drive off, I'll roll the back windows 3/4's of the way down. Although she can't reach her head all the way out like most dogs (as demonstrated here by willing model and web friend Luca) -- she sticks out most of her snout which I can see in the side mirrors. After a while, she moves back from the window and goes to work on plumping up the blanket, circling around the same spot over and over, then throwing herself down when it reaches that very specific but inexplicable point of perfection. And then the snoring starts.

It works for now but I have wondered why there isn't a car designed more efficiently for people to transport dogs. I know there are a lot of us. I looked it up on line and it seems like Honda did make a pretty silly attempt.

The Honda Wow (from Bow Wow) was announced back in October of 2005 but I can't find any other information about it. I think it didn't make it into any kind of production. It didn't look like it had a future to me but I was hoping it was the start of other car lines to follow so I kept looking.

I don't know if this is a homemade idea, photoshopped or even if this is the Honda from a different viewpoint but it could mean there are other ideas out there waiting - I think Honey would love it:



Blogger Debra said...


I purchased my pupmobile with transporting the dogs in mind. Since Katy has bad hips and knees, I needed something with a low entry. Because it's safer to have the dogs not flying around the car in an accident, I wanted a station wagon with a gate. The 2 that qualified best were the Subaru and the VW, though the BMW would have worked if I wanted to spend that much cash. Being a "low ego emission" kinda gal, I purchased the VW. Both these cars are seen in high percentage at all the dogs parks.

9:15 AM  
Blogger jill bryant said...

My next car is definitely going to be roadtested by Honey - the VW low entry sounds really good. See, VW could use this info for marketing purposes. It makes me want to check it out!

10:47 PM  

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