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Monday, April 24, 2006

the dogs of dogster/Japanese tea dogs

Another family of dogs that have befriended Honey are the Japanese tea dogs.

Ban-cha has big, soulful eyes that look like they could tell tales. She is one of the oh so many pets that did not have a good beginning, but, unlike oh so many of them, ended up in a great home. According to her biographer " her name means "Green Tea" in Japanese, but it also has the meaning of the leftover leaves after the a tea producer has gathered all the high quality tea to sell at a high price. Ban-cha (the tea) is sold to ordinary people at an ordinary price." But, it's obvious there is nothing ordinary about this good pup. On the other hand, this pic shows a modeling career was not in the cards for little Ban-cha.

Genmai-cha is the male of the group and is named after the green tea with toasted brown rice. Genmai-cha was found abandoned for 28 days in a house with five other pit bulls in a community in Indiana that had banned pit bulls. (What is wrong with people?!!) But, check out the contented pup now.

Last but certainly not least is Mugi-cha - actually the first of the group to be adopted. The first time I looked at Mugi-cha's dogster page, I had to do a double take. If you are unfamiliar with Blue Dog, let me introduce you. Blue Dog is the main model for a Louisiana painter named George Rodrigue. "Tiffany, a spaniel-terrier mix was the Rodrigue family pet and loyal companion. For years, Tiffany would sit patiently at her master's side, watching him while he painted. And then in 1980, at the age of twelve, Tiffany died, leaving a void in Rodrigue's life. Understandably, Rodrigue was devastated, and immediately began searching for ways to connect with Tiffany spiritually. Thus when asked to illustrate the French-Cajun tale of the werewolf, or loup-garou, in 1984, the artist decided to use Tiffany as a model. Bathed in the light of a Cajun moon, the creature took on a blue hue. Blue Dog was born." Spaniel-Terrier mix that to me looks an awful lot like a pit bull terrier named Mugi-cha.

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