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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Indoor Dog Walking

It's been raining here which makes options of where to take a walk pretty limited. We do hit all the pet stores where Honey kindly cleans up any remnants of food. But, the main thrill is for Honey to see a dog - any dog. She's looking for a good muzzle lick.

Some of the dogs we run into aren't as thrilled to see her. There was Louie the Poodle (tell me that doesn't sound like it comes directly from The Sopranos). He started barking madly at her as soon as he spotted her coming down the aisle. We went the other way and stopped to let a man walk by with his daughter. As they walked by he said to the little girl, "Look at that stuuupid dog." I got madder than I should've and said "She isn't a stupid dog - you know nothing about her," - does that sound ridiculously childish - but it didn't matter because he pretended not to hear. I'm sure he assumed she was the one who had been doing all the barking. Not a good experience. On the other hand....

Lowe's is one of the nicest places we've ever been. We went to the garden section and a woman there started talking about how pretty Honey was and sweet and friendly. After she finished complimenting her, she said she'd seen another pit mix inside the building so we walked in.

Walking a dog in a regular store is kind of amazing. First, because it seems so completely incongruous but secondly, the people shopping at Lowe's are the nicest people anywhere. Everyone there smiled at Honey and wanted to pet her. Some parents asked if she was friendly so their children could pet her. I forgot what it was like to have a dog people didn't react to negatively.

We had an amazing time and bought a very attractive floor register which a store member actually helped me find. May I recommend Lowe's, the nicest place to shop, to everyone?


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