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Friday, March 10, 2006

Calm Assertiveness

I bought The Dog Whisperer's DVD. I'd heard about his show - how amazing he is and, a bonus for me, he is a big fan of pit bulls. (Three pit bulls in the picture)

I wish the DVD had been longer. I wish it had shown more examples of badly-behaved dogs and their befuddled owners. It's relaxing since Honey has her issues but hey, she's not a chewer, a barker, a biter or a growler.

She is a puller, though. After buying her every kind of no-pull harness there is, I've decided she thinks they are some kind of workout aid. A kind of body-fitted Bowflex.

What I did learn from Cesar is Honey is a high energy, submissive dog that is displaying dominant characteristics because I'm letting her But, I don't care about a lot of decisions she makes. "You want to walk this way, okay." "You want to stop here and sniff, no problem." Apparently, that is not a good thing and can lead to bigger issues in the future. For now, she's taken charge and is patronizing me.

Cesar says she needs calm, assertive energy from me as I take the dominant role. That is the type of leadership she will respond to and that's not a bad thing to practice. Who doesn't respond to calm assertiveness? I can rule the world with calm assertiveness.

But, as I look at her lying on my bed (instead of in her crate), I decide to start dominating her tomorrow. Calm assertiveness fading in response to massive cuteness.


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