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Monday, January 30, 2006

And now for something completely different/Dog Daycare

I was looking at the posts and getting depressed -- well, also looking at Honey's dejected expression as she realized I'm not going to chase her with her toy, she's not getting any more treats (trying to keep her weight down so there's less pressure on the knee) and I am not letting that black cat that lives here into the room so they can meet properly. Honey hasn't had a whole lot of fun since she had the TPLO surgery on her knee.

So, I thought it would be helpful to look forward to when we're all done with this. Not sure how long it is going to be 'til she's ready for some heavy dog play but when she is - the first place we're going: Bow Wow Bungalow in Burbank.

This is one of Honey's very favorite places anywhere which, of course, makes it one of mine. It's a place I can leave Honey for the day and go off to work, let her stay overnight, or even a full vacation (close to Burbank Airport) and have NO guilt. Housed in a big, multi-colored building with a large outside play yard, this is basically dog paradise.

I can drop her off as early as 7AM for daycare, 9AM for boarding. She literally drags me in, wagging her tail non-stop as she greets the office crew, and then, more excitement for the play yard staff member who comes to take her back. As I watch her through the bone-shaped window overlooking the yard, she runs eagerly over to all her dog pals that she must lick, rollover or sniff - lots of regulars she has to say hi to, although I think her best friend is Prinn.

Prinn is lying down on the left in the picture below - it looks like another dog is debating on joining them.

If it's at all warm, she will then make a mad dash for the water. She jumps in the pool tempting other dogs to follow and then, sometimes she'll climb the waterfall mountain. Lots of labs are available for water fun and everyone has a blast.

The play yard crew - all dog lovers, of course - throw balls, offer toys and otherwise entertain them. All the dogs have been pre-tested for dog aggression and there is a lot of dog play going on. It is so funny to see how they love to chase each other, bowing in play pose to get the game started. It is a great way to keep a single dog socialized in a very safe environment.

The office team is very helpful on nutrition, dog behavior, safety and training. There is also a talented trainer on staff, Carolyn, who will work your dog while she's there for the day, or help you in the group classes that are offered after hours.

When I come to pick up Honey (six hour half-day, or twelve hour full-day stay), you couldn't find a happier dog. She jumps up into the back seat of the car, throws herself down and promptly falls asleep - dead-tired and blissfully content. Fantastic If you've had some really busy work days and aren't quite up to a dog who has spent the day resting in anticipation of big entertainment when you come home....


Blogger Iago said...

Hi Jill,

Thought I'd return the favor and check out a fellow 'Travels with dog' blogger. I hope Honey's recovery goes well and she's out romping around soon!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I love that picture of Honey and Prinn, they're grinning!

10:13 PM  

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