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Friday, January 20, 2006

Bringing the dog home from the vet

This really isn't the travelling Honey or I had in mind but things are going to be different for a couple of months. Since successful TPLO surgery requires COMPLETE rest for approx. eight weeks, there are all kinds of challenges.

A big one you face is, where do you keep a dog that is used to free roam of the house and yard? Ideally, they should be crated or kept in a pen although some people move all the furniture that is seductively jump-up-on-able and use baby gates to section them off from activity. Whatever the arrangement, the dog isn't going to be thrilled about it. A picture says it all. Here is one of Honey's fellow TPLO-patients, Chloe, sitting in her xpen.

Yes, it is a little cold under the circumstances, that x-pen is actually short for exercise pen.

Recommendations: Look around quickly to see what kind of adjustments you are going to have to make. Think of the route you will take them out to take care of business, if there are stairs, how will you confine them, etc. If you work it out quickly, you'll be able to get a better deal on anything you have to buy or, you might even have time to make your own ramp, for example.


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