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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What could go wrong?/Dog confinement

I wanted to be completely ready for Honey to come home and start the 8 weeks of minimal activity. I purchased a dog ramp, an x-pen, prepared a small bedroom by taking the bed down to one mattress, and was fully armed with my notes from the veterinary technician. The biggest danger is the explosive move - jumping up on furniture, dashing after squirrels (a big one for dogs) so I knew to avoid that at all costs. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Honey.

She'd done well in her x-pen all day. After dinner, I closed up the pen with a blanket, toys, a bowl of water and some bones and she lay there happily and went to sleep. I tiptoed out of the room and went quickly to a friend's house to pick up some things I'd left there. When I got back Honey was out of the x-pen and limping. How was it possible? She's not a tall dog, it's a three foot fence with a small interior space so no way to build up speed but....somehow, she jumped it. There is no other explanation and nothing could be worse.

I called the vet (open 24 hours, thank you) and he said the best thing to do was bring her right down for an xray to see if she damaged anything. One hour freeway driving and $175 later, I saw the xray results which showed the surgery was still firmly in place but her leg was swollen. I refused the pain medication for her this time. The start of this adventure was Honey thinking her sore leg was not longer sore. Now I want her to know there's a problem. She's already pretty impervious to pain so I'm hoping this gives her some sense she is not superdog.

Recommendation: I would like to point out carecredit for those of you who don't know about it. If your pet is trying to break you, counter their move with a credit card that will help you take care of their bills. Honey's next xrays - two weeks.


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