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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The dogs of dogster/Mooshu and Luca

Yes, Honey has a dogster page. I put up some of the pictures of Honey I've used here and added her vital stats and back story. Then, I looked through other dogs pages, clicking to leave them "bones" and agreed to become pup pals with the dogs that invited her. Honey now has an online pack.

For dog owners, dogster is a place to look at and read about a lot of cute dogs (okay - in my world, pretty much all dogs are cute). And, some of the very cutest are Honey's pup pals. Round 1:

This is Mooshu Kitten - a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix. Just looking at this picture of her has got to be good for you.

I also like this arctic bunny shot.
Here is where you can read all about the Moosh and leave her a bone.

Mooshu's homemate is Luca, a pit bull/labrador mix from the pound whose pictures look like an advertisement for fun in the snow. The cover shot seems to be Luca's version of making snow angels punctuating them with nose prints.

This one makes me determined to get Honey to the snow. It also has a guest appearance of Mooshu bringing up the rear. If this doesn't show how adorable and great a rescue puppy (mutt on top of it) can be when given a home and a little love, I don't what will. Luca's page is here and he's waiting for his own bone.


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