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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pitbull Photo

This is my new favorite picture of Honey. I like the whole picture - I think its odd perspective is very cute. But, what really makes me laugh is the pose - how Honey casually has her paw draped across the daycare assistant's legs. The world-weary party girl attitude is accentuated by her bleary eyes. Honey seems to be giving Paris Hilton a run for her money here.

I wonder if Paris has vacations like Honey: Chowing down on the I'm-a-spoiled-pet (and normally-forbidden) canned dog food with names like Grammy's Pot Pie and Cowboy Cookout; late night prowling as bark back-up for a canine friend's midnight howls; intense, unblinking daily squirrel watching; hours of Greco-Roman wrestling with an especially skilled Golden Retriever challenger and the ever-popular toy stealing and bone burying. Paris probably has a different idea of a vacation but I have no doubts who has more fun.


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Anonymous jan said...

hehehe. Before I even read your post the first thing I thought when i saw Honey's picture was, "She looks like Paris Hilton, (only with substance)."

10:39 AM  
Blogger MoonShadow said...

Paris has nothing on you! You look much more "fetching"! We love your blog. Welcome to dogswithblogs! Woof! Moon

12:50 PM  
Blogger MJ's doghouse said...

OH another beautiful pitbull..i may be crossed with a lab..but my mommy says pit bulls are so are so pretty honey....not nearly as trampy as that miss hilton chicky

8:26 PM  
Anonymous catbird said...

She looks like pictures I have of me from my party days in college. (Oh, the embarrassment!)
I think the stray paw across the assistant's leg isn't casual at all. I'd bet the bank that she's thinking, "She might like to play with all these other dogs, but she loves me the most!"
Kind of like the high school guys that walk around with their hands in their girlfriend's back pocket. The not-so-subtle message is, "Mine!" :)

5:01 AM  

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