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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dog Breeds

It's interesting how people get attached to different breeds of dogs. I suppose there are many reasons for it - some of them good, solid reasons (the right temperament for the owner, kid friendly), some of them - not so much (wanting the same dog as Paris Hilton, comes to mind).

I have a friend who loves Irish Wolfhounds - in fact, I have two friends who love Irish Wolfhounds but, right now I'm talking about MC who just got a puppy. A puppy that is 105 pounds at a little over six months old.This is a picture of Hudson at four months when he only weighed 53 pounds.

Because they are a rarer breed (unlike some, ahem, other dogs we could name if they weren't sitting next to us), MC drove a round trip total of 1200 miles - solo - to pick up a male pup. The breeder put the four male pups of the litter into an enclosed area and asked MC "If you were able to pick from these four, which one would it be?" She said they were all so cute...running around, playing with sticks, an old carpet, jumping on each other, chasing each other and then one stopped, turned around, looked her right in the eyes and she fell in love...and named him Hudson.


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